UPS Systems

  • Installation
  • Servicing
  • Protect your business from LTA’S and data loss
  • Keep emergency procedures running during an outage

UPS systems within a business are the perfect answer to cut LTA issues, keep emergency IP telephone systems in place during an outage and allows the safe shutdown of IT infrastructure in the event of a long term outage, the more devices connected the larger the draw hence a higher rated UPS system, there are small entry level UPS systems available for the casual user or those who work from home.

There are two different types of uninterruptible power supplies, online and offline/standby. Online/offline refer to the state of the UPS’s inverter under regular mains conditions.


These are the most cost effective. If mains power is present, it’s current runs right through the UPS bypassing the inverter to the output. It has some limited protection against spikes and surges via filtering. Batteries remain charged throughout and only during a power failure will the load be fed by the inverter. Switching from mains to inverter supply is instantaneous, usually a matter of a few milliseconds. Modern technologies most often have internal power supplies and will have enough power to not be affected by such a brief break in power supply.


Online UPS’s converts incoming AC mains supply to DC, which in turn then feeds the battery and load via the inverter. When the mains supply fails the inverter will use the batteries to feed the load via the inverter without any interruptions to the output supply.

It’s form of (AC-DC / DC- AC), ensures further isolation of the load from spikes or irregularities on the mains supply, the inverter has to be rated for continuous operation which makes these slightly more expensive to purchase.