• Wired & Wireless Installation
  • Swann & Yale Systems
  • Variety of Entry Level to High End
  • Smartphone viewing
  • Motion detection & Night Vision
  • 720p and 1080P Full HD
  • Recording Terabyte Hard drives 

The 21st century has seen an increase in crime and ever growing demand for CCTV surveillance systems, here at SSNS we understand the importance of protecting your hard earned money and assets, whether it’s a residential property, a business, a cherished motor or even an elderly relative you want to keep an eye on, we provide a wide variety of tailored CCTV systems from entry right the way through to high end systems, wired or Wi-Fi, night vision and motion sensors, our systems are setup so you don’t miss a thing, we will not only provide our expertise in physical installation but will also talk you through using the system and setting up remote access via apps and the web so you can monitor your home or pets from your mobile phone, place of work, or even abroad on holiday.