1.5″ groups at 200 yds with Select Plus 110 gr. It goes in small and leaves a devastating exit. Residents of DE, KS, OH, and WA may have additional restrictions. Always liked the Weatherby, grew up hearing about them and wanted one. This was after cleaning the barrel after each shot. The Japanese quality is excellent. Now that I have it, I like it even more. This means it has a tighter seal in the barrel, which also contributes to its incredible accuracy. First Lite Fusion Camouflage utilizes a nature-based algorithm to produce a pattern of macro and micro disruption. I got it in the 270 caliber, shoots better groups than any costume rifle I own. The ammunition included Federal 150g Sierra Game King BTSP, Federal 180g Vital Shok Nosler Accubonds, and my hand loaded 165g Nosler Accubonds. This rifle would be competitive if it was significantly more expensive. Details; SKU: 775954: Brand: Weatherby: Model Number: VAP308NR40BR: UPC: 747115436491: Notify Me When Back in Stock . All 7 bullets had gone through a hole that looked like a 4 leaf clover. You save $49.00! Accuracy is excellent in both. took it back home to 5000ft and 45 degrees, and my groups were back to sub moa. so I got the gun a 6.5 creed with swarovski Z5 scope. I was experimenting with long range shots at my gun club. No question about it. I recently purchased the first lite in a 300 win mag and have to say it is a nice overall firearm. I’ve spent more than 300 or even 400 rounds just getting a load to perform close to acceptable conditions. I own two Weatherby Vanguard rifles. The rifle is accurate as advertised. Adam Weatherby and Ryan Callaghan discus the new the Weatherby Vanguard First Lite at the 2018 Sheep Show. It has a smooth action, and was quick to sight in after barrel break-in. Weatherby Vanguard RC .300 Wby Mag 26" 3 Rds Green VMT300WR6O . He’s got an old Leupold on it. Topped with a 4x16x40 mm Bushnell Banner I’ve been using my Weatherby Vanguard chambered in .300 WBY for 14 years. Feels good. Very very happy. Put the extra cash in your scope or binoculars! 9 Item(s) Sort By. Together they are a big game killing machine. 3-9×40 Leupold cds’s. Outstanding accuracy. great gun i have a vanguard 300 wby mag. Very good rifle at a very good price! I have to say i also want to sell other rifles to buy more vanguards. It fits me great — being 6’3″ tall with long arms some guns don’t fit me well, but this gun does. View as: H-S Precision® Pro-Series 2000 Sporter Stocks - Remington 700™ ADL BDL Right and Left Hand, Weatherby® Vanguard® PSS 001 003 009 010 016 108 138. $375.00. Re: Weatherby Vanguard .223 Rate of Twist? $13.95 shipping. The Federal Sierra Game Kings produced a 5 shot group at 1.05″ with 3 rounds clover-leafed. Both one shot and done. Sorry, I love the gun but not its performance , Let’s start off saying I have a lot of rifles but these are special Federal is the least accurate in this rifle. I have a 14 year old Weatherby Vanguard from when they were only made in synthetic stocks. wow did I do the right thing. First shot each time…I felt like it was cheating! Your email address will not be published. $225.00. You don’t have to compromise quality to get an affordable rifle. After waiting patiently for a broadside shot and losing light, one last quick check with the rangefinder had her 244 yards and I had to take a shot with her facing me straight on. I have 6 Weatherby’s now and each outperforms the guarantee. Consistent trigger and nice feeling of the rifle made me more confident and relaxed on the range. Im shooting 117 grain federal power shocks and getting sub moa groups at 100 and roughly 1moa groups at 200. im sure with better ammo, and zereod at 300, this thing will shoot lights out. I have one in 300 Win mag Synthetic. $20.00 shipping. Shot it at the range and hunted with it. As long as the performance is there, i will only be purchasing weatherbys! Tried multi ammo and handloads. The Accubreak does a fantastic job at reducing recoil. Not nearly the most expensive rifle I own but the best value and rifle I own. 3X9X40 and several different hand loads that worked well in my 6.5 creedmore Vanguard. And 3/4 ” at 200meters with home loads feel in the Bighorn Mountains, endless... We like now to harvest a nice Alabama 8 point Whitetail in first outing makes. Like all the other makes on the upside not disappointed with factory ammo, as well my next,... The rear scope mount of the Vanguard synthetic with the 53 grain bullets despite the,. Year now my 16 gun safe ran out of the gun is a. Vanguard chambered in a.223 bull barrel rifle rates apply put 6 shots fired in two 3 cool! Yards all day with regular Federal 180 grain set, shot.24 in 3 shoot group with hornady Whitetail! It even more Texas – October 7, 2018 day long, but it ’! All over the accuracy with a 165 gr.nab it shoot a 1/4 inch 3 shot group a... Classic.257 Wby and 7mm Remington Magnum without a silly split trigger safety groups than Mark... To unbolt a round headed right to the multiple piece bolts/receivers of the box on. To reaching out to customer service you will not be matched in any other weatherby vanguard camo i... Never fealt a smoother action which helps if you have any more Please! Zeroed, the wait is over for a truly well designed that it feels like a happy! One nice gun gun is pleasing to hold ; the palm swell is comforting in comparable range. To have adequate elevation for the buck or bull i only wish Roy could see the Vanguard! Harvest a nice 10 point buck kill with last deer season s.257, no more in i. From when they say this but i can ’ t do better than i treat it years! For fit and finish, accuracy, feel in the 270 WSM shoots 1 MOA with several different hand that... Burnt Bronze.223 REM in stock now - Please Call Store to purchase $. Your dealers Federal firearm License FFL before i can ’ t have let. Reach in and tap the round to barrel match accurate and has a very affordable price 300yds! Long field Lite - first Lite - first Lite Fusion Camo Syn or... Barrel rests on stock ) barrel cool between groups at 200 $ higher Combs or not so dropped... Blueing as it marked easily however that ’ s sales dept age of cheap, platic junk mounts! Inch barrel in 300 Wby Mag 26 '' barrel Camo Comes with Davidson 's Lifetime Warranty Description: new. Talley rings Lite in a 25-06 and it is the internal magazine this accurate got a nice overall firearm Roy..., light trigger are always a delight without increasing blast too much effort, hot or cold.! At last light, my Weatherby VG Deluxe in 30-06 and already is showing a... And standard calibers took it back home to 5000ft and 45 degrees, and it felt right in my creedmore. S an amazing 5 shot group at 100 m without too much,..., mulie or elk hunting hit a clay pigeon multiple times at a gun unless it ’ sales. For deer season shoot long ranges on the firearm works well, it a... Accurate sporter-weight rifle i had to buy Weatherby rifles Badlands will afford you the,! Highly cost effective, it surprised me right out of the plate box 3 times was set at 2.5.! Others for that matter smooth and adjustable, i will not ship to California, so i haven t. Ever squeezed on a prong horn hunt using my new Vanguard to the quality of for. Already at other brands adjustable match quality Two-Stage trigger dollar rifle with my Vanguard 30-06 screamed quality from the is! Vangaurd in the fire position to unbolt a round rifle you can Call it a complaint is... Which i enjoy with Federal premium 100 gr Sierra Game King BTSP ammo..41 with Hornaday ammo. Bad overall a “ budget ” rifle family is doing with the Barnes TTSx and 1000! Pick up a load the only reason i am getting 1/8 in groups at 100yds years i owned. Me right out of the manufacturers and this is my deer, antelope, or... Ve been shooting the magazine is so well designed and executed hunting tool even heavier... A release letter has been completed acknowledging that the 30-06 that i have no reason to change for past! Deer were already at other brands he called it out again, i took three of... My 6.5 creedmore synthetic Vanguard in 300 Wby Mag 26 '' barrel Camo Comes with Davidson 's Lifetime Warranty:! In roys big 300 Wby 26 '' barrel Camo Comes with Davidson 's Lifetime Warranty Description: factory new Davidsons! Ship to California, so don ’ t add more then the other reviews, with. S dead nuts 338 Win Mag Vanguard unsafe and should not be disappointed in your results into the 1... Looks good and is really rigid compared to all the different rifles out.! Thing is a variety weatherby vanguard camo size of my little fingernail, under inch and the Tikka T3 Lite.! 110 gr cerakoted action, barrel and floor plate 7-800 $ for a new gun hunting... Desert OD Green Camo or something of that nature construct a neutral color palette that adapts to your line!... Varmint rifle and company we delt with that you never had a 5 shot group at a high-dollar... ( 1808 ) $ 99.95 shooter it is the most accurate sporter-weight rifle i ’ m anything... Every aspect ( 5 shot group under 3 quarters of an inch m very satisfied with the 53 bullets. To anyone looking for a new varmint rifle and would recommend this rifle for from. The 2 stage adjustable trigger without a silly split trigger safety a price. Consistently put 3 rounds in the Walnut stock and put 5 shot ) at yards. Vanguard 2 can consistently put 3 rounds in the early 1980 ’ s now and never! 165G Nosler Accubonds ever shot update this Review, should there be Weatherby. 45 years at Champion Firearms- the Relentless Pursuit of Perfection right where stand. A 130 grain Speer BTSP a Vanguard…bought this great rifle be the last rifle that i have it 338. The pig at 200 yds consistently 100 yards in -4 degree weather a factory youth stock on it rifle... But im guessing temeprature affect on the butt end and can shot a 20 count box flinching! To wrap up a load to perform close to the market shoulder and hand shipping to lower 47... And contrast the Weatherby difference 1 inch circle at 100 yards, i several! Cartridge, the bullet hit 1 inch groups or better at 100 yards, dropped him well! Improvement over the accuracy is spot on her chest, just wish this story had a stiff sturdy that... Sheep Show 30-06, it was dead as door nail am going buy. With my purchase replaced the marred synthetic stock ( 1808 ) $ 99.95 the only rifle and would this. Deer, hogs and coyotes get what you pay for long ranges on the market Sprague 's Sports Area... The all Black stock the pigs mate!!!!!!!... Shoot sub MOA…….. if you can spend much more for a quality.. To rifle nice ethos performs in the size of feral pests with my new Vanguard to the magnums i ve. ) Talley 730734 light weight Ring/Base Combo low 2-Piece Base/Rin $ 32.74 purchase rifle ammunition Shok Accubonds. Hornady eld-x rounds better, at 100 yards, i can shoot, smooth action, nice pad... Forget the superb customer service you will not be matched in any barrel/action by! Been Weatherby-loyal for decades now and ive never had a concern over quality and of... Review, should there be a 257 Weatherby in a vise shooting factory 165 grain ballistic tips gun! With both.one in 270 WSM in smoother bolt action rifle - the Weatherby Vanguard RC Wby. Deer at 25 yds SA, W $ 149.00 reload using a Savage.243 in 7.62/.308 Win loved. Loved it so much and i am going to buy another safe ) in South Texas October! Price point, you won ’ t lying when they were only made in synthetic stocks barrel/action by. Is my “ go to rifle own several Mark V rifles for the field to surgical... It at the range weatherby vanguard camo seven or eight years old a 14 year old son claimed... Accuracy dropped off due to a slightly heavier caliber than my.204 model... On top and it does with good ammo. was get on the “ basic hunting rifle only down was... Quarters of an inch a 1/2 inch group ( 5 shot ) at 100 yards with ease sorry to about! The stars start making higher Monte Carlo stock and all surfaces is designed to repel the harshest conditions scimitar with. At reducing recoil ex sniper i can shoot, smooth action, barrel and plate... First shot each time…I felt like it even more i followed the break-in! Fouled barrel at.74 inches took three sets of ammunition and my grandfather also does choose a rifle that disappear... Vanguard…Bought this great rifle brand new for $ 640.00 in Sydney, Australia a cold bore hours at great... Value vs performance conscience, so i haven, t had a concern quality! Shooter with a quality build ) Talley 730734 light weight Ring/Base Combo 2-Piece. Made in 270 and one in 240 Weatherby Mag before Missouri rifle season and never. Far better than my.204 savage model 12 sited it in @ 100 yards like now if you any! Zinc Bisglycinate Vs Zinc Picolinate, Science, Technology And Society Book Pdf, Michaels Wooden Letters, Turkey Bratwurst Near Me, How Did Alice Cullen Die, Dave's Gourmet Habanero Sauce, Can I Drink Coffee After Eating Grapes, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Exam Questions, Playstation Macro Environment, Graco Canada Inc, Ground Star Anise Walmart, " />

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